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Rollers vs turbo trainers: which is better?We seek to answer the greatest question known to cycling
Fat Burning Interval Session | 20 Minute Indoor Bike Workout (Video)This is a great session to include in your regular training schedule throughout the season as well as being a fat-burning session it will also tap into your functional threshold power.
Complete Gravel Biking Guide — Everything to Know Before Hitting GravelAlthough riding on gravel isn’t new, the exciting bicycles and riding style have exploded in popularity, both recreationally and
How to Improve Your Cycling (with Threshold Training)No doubt, the chances that you have heard about FTP before are high. However, in the slight chance you have not come across the term FTP, well, this article will explain what FTP is, and how to become a faster, stronger, and better cyclist using
Cycling knee pain: what causes it and how to avoid itLearn how to avoid knee pain on the bike, and what to do if it happens to
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The 10 Best Strength- Training Exercises for CyclistsThese moves help you ride longer and stronger - and protect you from
30 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout - Fat Burning Intervals (Video)The rolling roads will challenge you with high and low cadence intervalsRI:ID
How a Bike Trainer Works - and 5 Indoor Cycling Mistakes to AvoidFive ways people short - circuit their own trainer workouts and how to beat
Anti-Aging: Mastering FatigueFortunately, by understanding fatigue you can mitigate its
Off-Season Exercises for CyclistsOff season training for cyclists should include two important components: injury prevention and
Top 10 Tips For Riding Singletrack (Video)How To Ride Singletrack
Too Much Sodium Abets ObesityYou may want to absolutely crush it, or you may hope to simply survive it. But what you certainly don’t want during a demanding ride is to cramp
How to Build Your Quads and the 7 Best Exercises to TryBigger quads mean more than just looking great in a pair of
How to Maintain Proper Cycling PostureThe right posture will improve comfort and
How & When To Ride Out Of The Saddle When Riding A BikeGlobal Cycling Network's Pro Tips
7 Hacks for Staying Warm on Cold RidesFrom stopping at a nearby gas station for snacks and hand warmers, to cranking up the effort as you head back
What To Expect - Your First Cycling Functional Threshold Power TestThere are numerous articles regarding How to Perform an FTP test, but not much on (a) prepping for or )b) what to expect from your first FTP
How to Improve Your Riding out of the SaddleHere’s how you can become more efficient at pedaling out of the saddle and how you can integrate the right amount of practice for the racing that you
8 Steps to Correct Cycling PostureThere are a lot of things that contribute to an excellent cycling composure and the efficiency that can be seen in experienced
Eat and Sleep to Recover from Intense ExerciseWhen you exercise for endurance, you use up glycogen and you damage muscle
Tips for Long Distance CyclingHere are some tips for pedaling long distances with at least some measure of
Proper Cycling Form - 14 Tips for Best Riding PracticeYou will be much better at it if you ride with the proper cycling
The Whens and Whys of Mountain Bike Gear ShiftingWhen should I shift? How many gears? Which way?
11 Tips on How to Ride a Road Bike on GravelYou can ride your regular road bike on
You Know What to Eat Before a Ride. What About When?While eating’s influence on elite-level cycling may not be quite so high, diet does play a large
How to train for long events with short workoutsEight tips for optimizing your training to make the most of the time available for
Gravel bike clothing guide: the best kit for gravel ridingWhether your look is lycra racer or adventure gravel casual, here is Cyclingnews’ guide to gravel bike
How to Deal With Numb or Tingly Fingers CyclingHand discomfort is usually caused by improper bike fit. But poor riding technique also plays a
For Getting Better Sleep, Resistance Exercise May Be Superior to Aerobic ExerciseBased on findings, interventions focused on resistance exercises may be a new way to promote better sleep and improve cardiovascular
Anti-Aging: Resistance Training Will Help Your RidingThe rate of atrophy can be slowed with exercise, and most of it can even be reversed with resistance
For Getting Better Sleep, Resistance Exercise May Be Superior to Aerobic ExerciseBased on findings, interventions focused on resistance exercises may be a new way to promote better sleep and improve cardiovascular
6 Kinds of Intensity Training: Which One Is Best for You?Intensity training doesn't mean hammering. It means simply training at the right intensities to improve your performance, i.e., pedaling somewhat harder than
7 Tricks to Help You Stay on Track and Achieve Your GoalsBut even with the best plans and intentions, you can still find yourself losing sight of your
How to Climb on an E-Mountain BikeTiming each pedal stroke to get the most benefit out of the motor while keeping your body weight carefully balanced over the bike and choosing the best line is easier said than
11 Tips for Beating your Seasonal Depression FunkWhat is SAD, How Do I Know I Have It and What Can I Do About It#63;
Glutes ' not firing' ?; How to make the most of the biggest muscle in your bodySedentary lifestyles, poor posture and overtraining can all lead to ineffective use of your
E-Mountain Bike Braking TipsDue to their weight, E-bikes tend to carry more momentum as you descend, impacting how and when you want to engage your brakes to slow
How to adjust bike brakes & stop them from rubbing?Adjusting your own brakes is pretty easy if you know how to hold a screwdriver and what youre
How To Layer For Cold Weather Cycling21 Answers to your
Cycling Weight TrainingThe good news about our cycling exercise programs and weight training ideas are that regardless of your body shape and size, almost anyone can achieve the
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Get Fitter and Faster - With An Inner TubeIf you have an inner tube that is punctured beyond repair don’t throw it away, it could make you both fitter and
Bike Fit CalculatorHow to by JensonUSAJenson USA
How To Avoid Sore Shoulders Whilst Cycling (video)Pain in your neck and shoulders can make even the toughest rider climb off their bike in agony.GTN Coaches Corner
What Is The Optimal Cadence For Cycling? (video)Do you ever wonder how you can improve your Cycling cadence? Or how to prepare for an in Ironman with regards to strength training?GTN Coaches Corner
Should I ride longer or ride harder?Is intensity or endurance the key to cycling fitness?
Strength and Stretching Guide For Cyclists Cyclists typically get tight through their lower backs, hamstrings, hip flexors and
What Causes Neck Pain when Cycling (video)(incl: three possible solutions)Bike Fit Advisor
Cycling Pedaling TechniqueImprove your pedaling mechanics and technique to improve your aerobic efficiency, cycling motor skills and muscle development, and cycling power and
Best cheap bikes: beginner road bikes and commute machines reviewed What to expect for your money in the best cheap bike sector, plus your guide to choosing the right first road bike for
Numb Hands While Cycling? (A Simple Approach to Fixing-video)This happens and a simple way we can stop this from happening.Cam Nicholls
Cycling training plans: for beginners, intermediates and racers Get into cycling, get fitter, or ride faster with our cycling training
Why you need “longer” hamstrings for cyclingHaving tight hamstrings can contribute to restricted hip range of
8 Reasons Why Cyclists Get Knee PainThe repetitive nature of the sport means that overuse injuries are common, with knee injuries probably being the most common of
12 Tips to Avoid OvertrainingNeeding more recovery is one of the inevitable consequences of aging. However, you have some control over this by practicing good
Try These Cycling Intervals to Get Faster on A BikeUnfortunately there’s not a single interval method that does it all. It depends on which aspect of your fitness you are attempting to
Find the inner strength within: The three pillars of self-motivationSports psychologist Dr Josephine Perry explains why mastery, autonomy and belonging are the holy trinity underpinning your cycling
Do fasted rides really work?Whether it be losing weight, improving your on bike efficiency or utilizing fat as a energy source. When executed correctly fasted rides can provide improvements across all areas of your
How to Train for Endurance CyclingFocus on the essential aspects of fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength/endurance and
How to lose weight cycling: Six essential tipsHere's a quick guide to losing that weight to improve your
Saddle soresHow to prevent and treat
Tips for effective rest and recovery after cyclingEverybody's heard it said that recovery is as important as
How to Diagnose, Treat, and Avoid Saddle SoresKeep your nether regions comfortable and healthy mile after
How to use your brakes properly (video)Look at the safest and most effective way to use your road bike brakes, whether you&re riding alone or as part of a
How to resume your training after a breakRestarting after a break can be daunting, but there are ways to ease the
4 Training Myths for Cyclists 50 and OlderBy Chris
What is FTP in cycling and how do I test and improve it?Here's everything you need to
The Best Stretches for Cyclists to Ease Soreness and Prevent InjuryUndo the strain of cycling with a few key moves that keep your muscles loose and strong on and off the
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Top 5 Exercises To Do Without An Indoor TrainerWhat if you don' own a turbo trainer or just fancy something a bit different from cycling to keep you fit whilst stuck inside? (video)
Build Endurance With These Ankle Weight ExercisesStrengthen your slow-twitch muscles, important for riding longer and
Cycling training zones: power and heart rate zones explainedThresholds, recovery rides, training zones…what does it all mean?
How To Make Your Pedaling Technique Smoother Than Ever (video)Watching pros pedal is almost like observing a piece of fine cycling art… how do they get their cadence so silky?Global Cycling Network
How to Start Riding Clipless Pedals Without Falling OverEven the pros have the occasional slow-motion spill when using clipless pedals. Here\'s how to get it right from the
How To: Treat Saddle Sores - Total Women's CyclingThey're such a pain in the
Nutrition For CyclingWhat you need and where to get
10 Essential Strength - Training Exercises for Cyclists10 strength training exercises for cyclists demonstrated by a personal trainer, Kenny
5 Great Tips for Mountain Biking Safety at Any LevelLike all extreme sports, mountain biking has specific safety guidelines to help you focus on the fun and avoid the
14 Tips for Bicycling Safely on City StreetsSound gear and safe habits are key, experts say.
Mountain Bike Training-fitness, strength, enduranceHow to Build and Maintain MTB Fitness, Strength, and
6 Climbing Mistakes To Avoid When CyclingRiding uphill is hard enough as it is, don't make it tougher than it needs to be. Matt is here with 6 mistakes to avoid. (video)GCN Pro Tips
How to Corner on a BikePractice these skills, and you’ll be riding through bends quickly and
5 Cycling Descending Mistakes to Avoid Matt Stephens gives you 5 mistakes to avoid when riding downhill. (video)GCN Pro Tips
Tune Up Your Posture With This 6-Move SeriesIf you're always craning your neck to look at your phone, this workout is for
Fat burning and cycling: separating the myths from the truthBurn more fat and you’ll spare carbohydrate, lose weight and ultimately ride faster — that’s the theory. But does it work in practice, or is it all a bunch of big fat lies?
This One Small Change to Your Bike Setup Could Save Your LifeIf you are riding, now or any time, your biggest risk is still being hit by a
How to Ride Safely Amid Coronavirus ConcernsAnswers to your most frequently asked questions as the virus continues to
Isolated Leg Training: Single Leg Pedaling DrillsWhat if I told you there was a simple method of bicycle training that would improve almost all aspects of fitness?
The 13 Best Indoor Cycling TrainersAss-kicking bike trainers that will actually make you want to ride
Hill climbing: The secrets of how anyone can go faster uphillJim Cotton speaks to champion climbers to find out how we can all go faster
How to Calculate Your Training Heart Rate ZonesHeart-rate training benefits
How to lose weight cyclingCycling tips for weight
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What to Wear in Various WeatherA Conversation with Coach
10 Tips to Avoid Looking Like a Cycling RookieDon't read this if you want to look like a rookie,
Back PainLower back pain causes and prevention for
Prevent Freezing Feet On Every Winter RideThese layering mistakes (and misconceptions) are the common culprits when it comes to cold feet. Here′ s how to avoid
101 Cycling Tips to Completely Transform Your Bike LifeHere is a generous helping of wisdom from the most skilled and knowledgeable coaches, physiologists, and cyclists in the
Nutrition Basics You Need to KnowNutrition: 10 tips to get your food and drink
Cycling DrinksBest energy drinks for
The 14 Best Indoor Cycling TrainersAss-kicking bike trainers that will actually make you want to ride
Beef It Up - ExercisesStrengthen your core, back, and hips to promote better
Get fitter, faster and go fartherCycling Training Plans: get fitter, ride faster and go
8 Pilates Exercises - Keep Your Form Dialed on the BikePilates is a low-impact exercise method centered around core strength and control that can help improve your postural alignment and
10 Ways to Survive Winter TrainingUnless you are one of those lucky people who lives in a place where the temperature is pleasant and mild all year round, chances are you have had to endure the misery of
How to Manage Saddle SoresThere's not many published articles on saddle sores but here is a good one.Internet article - source unknown
Boost Your Leg and Lung Power: 8 Kegglebell ExercisesStrengthen your lower body and improve your endurance at the same
Perfect Your Riding PositionRiding comfortably for any distance is not required but highly desirable. So, how do you adjust your bike and yourself for that comfort? You might want to read this.Internet article - source unknown
Warm-up, ME?Don't think you need to warm-up before a ride? Read this article and then decide.Internet article - source unknown.
Advice to get you off to the best start10 great tips and lots of links for
The Right Way to Warm Up for Every RideWarming up before a ride helps you kick things into gear and ward off
Beginner′s guide to indoor cyclingFive ways you can get your pedal fix